Jul 282006

I just attended the first (of I am sure) many HiMSS conferences. I am kicking myself for not going to them sooner. I got to meet a few friends that I have been in contact with, medical and other fellow bloggers, well I wouldn’t call him just a blogger, but that is another discussion. I also met with some guru’s that offered a lot of insight!

There were great sessions for a whole spectrum of Health Care Professionals, from developers to IT Pros, to management for both the partners and more importantly customers. There were a lot of great things that partners had presented and even more cool things that Microsoft has in store. I did enjoy the other perks that were offered to the attendees, especially the sessionitis I seemed to come down with!

I was very interested in the Connected Health Framework (CHF) and will be blogging about my experiences with my take on best ways to implement the CHF to add additional value to the development life cycle. I don’t think that the CHF is readily available (at least I could not find it), however, as soon as it is published, I will be adding a few entries to my blog.

There are great things going on, and I am glad that I got to be an attendee there. Hopefully I can meet up with you again next time.