Jul 212006

One of the tricks to getting custom file names out of the HIPAA Accelerator is to add an extra component in the orchestration.

These are the steps I took to get a custom filename generated from the HIPAA_EDI adapter.

  1. Created a property schema with a element defined as a string and have it be a context property
  2. Create an schema with the delimiters that will be defined in the HIPAA_EDI send port with an element that repeats 30 times
  3. Create both a flat file send pipeline and receive pipeline using the schema defined in step 2
  4. Create a single element and associate this element with the element defined in step 1
  5. In the orchestration, sildenafil assign a variable a time
  6. From that assigned time do three things in a message assignment
    1. Assign the BHT_05 from the variable 
    2. Assign a string variable the date as a string in HHMMSSDD format
    3. Assign the message with the context property created in the property schema
  7. Create a Correllation Type set to the context property
  8. Create a Correllation Set defined from Step 7
  9. Initialize the Correlation Set in the send shape
  10. Have a recieve shape using the message created in step 2 and have a following correlation set
  11. Assign the recieved message to a new message and assign the FILE.ReceivedFileName to whatever you want the filename to be
  12. Send the newly created message out
  13. Deploy
  14. Create a temporary folder that you assign the HIPAA_EDI adapter to write to
  15. Assign a recieve location to the the folder created in step 14
  16. Use the recieve pipeline created in step 3
  17. Create a send port using the pipeline created in step 3
  18. In the file name use %SourceFileName%
  19. Set the directory to the real directory where the HIPAA file is to be placed
  20. Bind the logical ports to their respective physical ports
  • I have searched the net and I should say I have not come across an article like this which is so easy to understand and learn the concepts.