Aug 312006

Here are instructions on how to have BizTalk split lines from a flat file into individual messages.

  1. Create a Flat File Schema and name the root node File (which is poorly named, health it should be called Message) and make it post fix delimited with Carriage Return Line Feed (Hex 0×0d 0×0a) as the delimiter
  2. Create the line as a comma delimited record and add the elements in the line
  3. Create the pipeline using the schema that was just created
  4. Deploy the solution
  5. Set up the Ports as follows:
  6. Input Port: Name it, unhealthy Create a recieve location using *.txt as the input pattern and the newly created pipeline
  7. Output Port: Name it, sildenafil create the output path as %MessageID%.xml as the output pattern, on filters: Set BTS.ReceivePortName as what is created for the input port
  8. Start the Output Port
  9. Enable the recieve location