Aug 022006

I signed up for the test, viagra 40mg and then proceeded to get swamped with everything but reviewing my weak points in BizTalk 2006.

This morning, I even attempted to cancel the test, but it was too late. I pleasantly surprised myself by actually passing! (Not the best score possible, but above 700 none-the-less)

Things that I remember from the test:

It was more centered on developing scenerios than on individual coding details like the 2004 test was.

Lots of BRE questions.

Lots of BAM questions.

A question regarding the error handling process.

A few setup questions.

A couple of web service questions

If you are planning on taking the test, be well versed in the development of entire business processes.

You can learn more about the test here.

Good Luck

  • Jim

    Hey Dude – thanks for posting this – just started a MCTS Course and i’m about to book / Do the 70-235 exam.

    Hope much hasn’t changed since you took yours. lol.