Nov 202006

There is a patch that fixes various issues, viagra this patch number is 285628. If you call into support they will gladly give it to you.

  • Sarang

    Hi! Iam trying to install the HIPAA accelerator 3.0 on Biztalk 2004 and I keep getting the error saying cannot load configuration object as the user is not a member of the biztalk administrators group. The user definitely is because I am using the biztalk administrator/installer user. Any ideas???

  • If look in the groups in the computer management you will see BizTalk Server Administrators, make sure that your user is there. Even though you might have just completed installing BTS using your login, the login will not by default show up in the admin group.
    Also, if you are using a distributed enviornment (BTS on one box, SQL Server on another), you will need to have Active Directory to complete the installation.