Nov 232006

The question that I have raised a few times in my own head is how can you use the HIPAA accelerator in a clearing house enviornment. My definition of a clearing house is a company that represent different companies, generic so essentially the sender id that you define in the send handler is not always the same.

There is currently no way to create multiple send handlers, stuff so Microsoft has created a pipeline component that you specify the sending ids that will reset it to. Because most clients need an acknowledment, I would always recommend using the adapter and not the pipeline componet as I documented here.

So my suggestion is as follows for inbound transactions:

  1. Create a recieve port called DMZ (port where clients are going to be able to drop their files off) and in there create seperate recieve locations for each of the clients inbound folders and use the passthru pipeline.
  2. Create a send port using the passthru pipeline filtering on the RecievePortName==”DMZ” and have the location defined as the %documentshome%PickupEDI (remember you actually have to put the full path in the send port).
  3. Then you have recieve locations using the HIPAA_EDI adapter for each of the partners.

So my concurrent suggestion is as follows for outbound transactions:

  1. Using logic derived from this entry, create seperate send ports using the HIPAA_EDI adapter and point the folder location to a staging area.
  2. Obtain the pipeline fix from Microsoft Support and create seperate pipelines for each of the partners that you represent.
  3. Create a seperate receve location that picks up the file using the passthru pipeline picking up the file that was created in step 1.
  4. Create a seperate send port that filters off the recieve location defined in step 3 and use the newly created pipeline that will replace the sending parties information that is defined in the send handler to the correct sending ids.