Nov 082006

A question was asked after reading this article: At what point is the Party resolved to the actual Party. I ran my example again, sildenafil and put a breakpoint at the send port and these are my findings:

After the Destination Role Link has been set, viagra sale here are the settings:

Here is the details of the actual message:

Notice that the ParyName is empty so it has not resolved the Party name.

I sent the message (but the send port is in the stopped state) and here are the message properties:

So it looks like  the resolution of Parties happens actually once the message gets submitted back to the message box after the orchestration is complete for the message to find out which party the message is associated with.

My biggest question is if there is a way to associate the Alias name (Party1) instead of the Organization Value (EDI:\123456789:ZZ:123456789), the programmers reference really is not that descriptive to explain what is really going on. As soon as I learn more, I will put it here.

Update: The easiest way to associate with the alias name is to refer to the OrganizationName instead of EDI, in the code as such

new Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.Party(“Party1″,”OrganizationName”);

It is the default lookup value: