Mar 212007

I have just signed up for the code camp again, the datesĀ areĀ June 30th & July 1st on the UCSD Campus. Here is the link ot the page and since last time I had to invade on another’s presentation time to finish, I decided to teach two sessions. Here are the two classes I am going to teach

  1. Using BizTalk Cross Referencing Functionality Part 1
  2. Using BizTalk Cross Referencing Functionality Part 2

After talking with a friend about some of his mapping dilemmas, he had looked at my blog entries of the Cross Referencing functionality


but did not realize the power of that API, until I showed him how it can make his mapping life easier. With that information, I felt that presenting the Cross Referencing component would be a beneficial presentation.

Let me know through my contact page if you are going to be there.