Mar 302007

After we upgraded to BizTalk 2006 (along with the HIPAA accelerator 3.3) our DBAs complained that they could not include the BizTalkHIPAA_EDIDb into the backup plan because the compatibility mode is set to SQL Server 7 mode. By looking at it further, all of the Covast databases are set to that compatibility mode. After opening up a ticket with support about this, here is the response I got back:

SQL Compatibility can be changed to “” without any adverse affects. Please do this to include the HIPAA database in you SQL 2005 backup plan.
+ Open “SQL Server Management Studio”, right-click BizTalkHIPAA_EDIDb database and choose ‘properties’
+ In left pane, click “Options” page
+ Note Compatibility level drop down control (3rd control from top)
+ Change from “SQL Server 7.0 (70)” to “SQL Server 2005 (90)”
+ Restart HIPAA service

Changed to

This can also be done with the BizTalkEDIDb database (the BaseEDI adapter’s database).

Mar 302007

A while ago I taught a Brown Bag event for Microsoft about the Cross Referencing I have been blogging about recently.

You can view the presentation here. I will be the first one to admit, vcialis 40mg it was not that good, health there were some technical difficulties in getting it up and running and then my tweaking the night before caused me some on-air glitches.

Anyway Рnot the best presentation, but I got through it. I gave the same presentation at the Southern California Code Camp and it went much better.