Mar 302007

After we upgraded to BizTalk 2006 (along with the HIPAA accelerator 3.3) our DBAs complained that they could not include the BizTalkHIPAA_EDIDb into the backup plan because the compatibility mode is set to SQL Server 7 mode. By looking at it further, all of the Covast databases are set to that compatibility mode. After opening up a ticket with support about this, here is the response I got back:

SQL Compatibility can be changed to “” without any adverse affects. Please do this to include the HIPAA database in you SQL 2005 backup plan.
+ Open “SQL Server Management Studio”, right-click BizTalkHIPAA_EDIDb database and choose ‘properties’
+ In left pane, click “Options” page
+ Note Compatibility level drop down control (3rd control from top)
+ Change from “SQL Server 7.0 (70)” to “SQL Server 2005 (90)”
+ Restart HIPAA service

Changed to

This can also be done with the BizTalkEDIDb database (the BaseEDI adapter’s database).