May 152007

Information:  There are no subscribing orchestration or send ports to the message being dropped off to the message box.


1.  Ensure there is a started orchestration that is watching for the message being dropped off.

2.  If you are not using an orchestration, cure make sure there is a send port that is filtered by the receive port.


May 102007

Information:  Biztalk Orchestration language XLANG threw an exception.  There is most likely a coding error in your orchestration. 



1.  Look for the Shape name specified in the error. 

2.  Look for the Error thrown by that shape.

3.  Run the Orchestration debugger and put a break point before that shape (F9).  Run a new message through the same orchestration and interrogate the values being passed into the shape (Debug -> Attach).


4.  Look for errors in coding

May 072007

Information:  If the EDI Subsystem receives a message that is not loaded in the BiztalkEDIDb/dom1 table. 


1.  Check the Send Port Properties to ensure a map is in place translating Your Source Document Schema to an EDI X12 Schema is in place.


2.  You can check which X12 EDI Schemas are loaded into the BiztalkEDIDb by running the following SQL Query.

SELECT block
FROM dom1
WHERE mcvr LIKE ‘X12EDISchema%’ AND block LIKE ‘%targetnamespace%

X12EDISchema Examples – 850, 812, 867, etc.