Jul 032007

I was provided a schema with an attribute named “Type” provided by an ERP vendor.  I needed to promote it for use in Send Port Filters and in a Correlation Set.  I promoted the attribute and allowed BizTalk to create the promoted property “__Type” shown here:


“Type” is a reserved name.  The Send Port Filter allows me to use this “__Type”  Promoted Property.


But , link . . . when I try to use this Promoted Property in a Correlation Set it gives me the following error.


Why does BizTalk default to the “__” prefix for reserved names, when it will not allow these prefixed names in Correlation Sets?

  • Hmm..

    I believe BizTalk uses _ internal for some purposes. Anyway. It doesn’t really matter why.

    This is an excellent opportunity to work with external and internal schemas. The External schemas are as Imported from your ERP vendor and the Internal schemas are your internal friendly interpretation of them. So you can modify it a little.

    Then use portmaps to map from internal to externa and vice versa. Then you won’t have this problem

  • Yes, I realize that there is a easy way to avoid this issue, by having a different name, but I just wanted to write about it though.

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