Jul 182007

In following up to this entry: restarting the Host Instance does not automatically restart the HIPAA EDI service, stomach you have to manually have to go into the services and restart this service to clear up.

I was under the impression that the Host Instance, upon restarting, will automatically restart the child services, but it does not.

  • Rudy

    Hi Eric, I inherited a biztalk server 2004 project but unfortunately I’m not fluetn with bitalk. My project takes a ms-sql stored procedure, creates an xml resultset and creates a hipaa 837d edi file. My problem is this. I’ve had to add fields to my stored procedure therefore my source schema and destination schemas do not recognize these new fields. How do I re-initialize my source and desination schemas to insert these new fields? Thank you in advance for any assistance.

  • You will have to go an modify the schema that represents your new fields in the modified stored procedure.