Aug 222007

We recently had an issue where we had a lot of a receive locations connecting to the same server (sum 1, health 200).

They kept going down complaining the Messaging Engine failed while notifying an adapter of its configuration


and The error threshold was exceeded


The fix is explained in the following KB article:

For the MaxCmds and MaxMpxCt values, buy it should be set at 10000 (decimal)

This setting needs to be on all of the BizTalk machines AND the file server it is connecting to.

After you make the change, sildenafil you have to reboot the machines where this registry change happened.

How to test:

Open up perfmon and add a counter from Redirector called Current Commands


In which you will see the number of connections open (in this case 627)


Did I mention the disclaimer on the side of my blog?

  • Jason

    The Receive Locations that are shutting down for me are all connections to the an “oracledb”.

    You mentioned that the MaxCmds and MaxMpxCt need to be set on the BT server and the file server. I won’t be able to make the changes to the DB Server as it resides in Production.

    Are there any other suggestions?

    After I made the changes on the BT server, and ran the perfmon counter, the value was 4 but the Receive Locations still continue to shut down.

  • This looks like a throttling issue, and not an adapter issue. I would open up a ticket with MS about the connections to Oracle, the solution I presented is geared for connecting to a file server, not an Oracle backend. I have never done that, so the blog entry might not apply.