Oct 082007

I have need for this occasionally so I thought I would publish the code that I have written.

namespace StottIS.ChangeConfigration { public enum Active { Start, Stop } public class Adapter { public static void RecieveLocationStateChange(string ReceivePort, string ReceiveLocation, Active ActiveFlag) { BtsCatalogExplorer root = new BtsCatalogExplorer(); try { root.ConnectionString = "Server=.;Initial Catalog=BizTalkMgmtDb;Integrated Security=SSPI;"; //Enumerate the receive locations in each of the receive ports. foreach (ReceivePort receivePort in root.ReceivePorts) { if (receivePort.Name == ReceivePort) { foreach (ReceiveLocation location in receivePort.ReceiveLocations) if (location.Name == ReceiveLocation) { switch (ActiveFlag) { case Active.Start: location.Enable = true; break; case Active.Stop: location.Enable = false; break; default: location.Enable = true; break; } } } } root.SaveChanges(); } catch (Exception e)//If it fails, roll-back all changes. { root.DiscardChanges(); throw e; } } } }

In an orchestration Expression Shape, or in your code outside of BizTalk you simply call this code:

StottIS.ChangeConfigration.Adapter.RecieveLocationStateChange("Password Reset","Password Pickup",StottIS.ChangeConfigration.Active.Stop);