Oct 152007

While messing with Code lists (http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa577951.aspx) I was getting the following error:

Code list database error

Data Type mismatch in criteria expression.

Make sure the document has the correct standard, pills vcialis 40mg and a valid version. The CodeList database table name is constructed by joining the standard and the standard_version of the schema with an underscore.


Code List Error


The issue is not with how the CodeList database table name is constructed, price for me it was the fact that the first column I had defined as an Number when it should have been defined as Text.

Oct 152007

A recent project I was developing I was required to pull data from either a file location or a FTP location, and based on the filename it was supposed to do something.

I started testing and I came across an XLANG/s error:

Shape name: Decide Type of Password Reset
ShapeId: 56e918c9-c009-4f4a-a722-a3f6c2f7dd55
Exception thrown from: segment 1, progress 15
Inner exception: There is no value associated with the property ‘FILE.ReceivedFileName’ in the message.

I had forgotten to change my code in the decision shape from testing just the File.ReceivedFileName to something more intelligent.

I started looking at how I could change the code. In this case I was pulling the data from an FTP location, so obviously, the FILE.ReceivedFileName did not exist in the message context. I thought of writing the code in an expression shape to be like this:

if(inputMsg(BTS.InboundTransportType)=="FILE") { filename=inputMsg(FILE.ReceivedFileName); } else { filename=inputMsg(FTP.ReceivedFileName); }

But I was not satisfied (am I ever?), I then looked at the XLANG/s operators and after reviewing the exists operator I came up with some different code:

if(FILE.ReceivedFileName exists inputMsg) { filename=inputMsg(FILE.ReceivedFileName); } else { filename=inputMsg(FTP.ReceivedFileName); }

Now there is no perceived benefit in using one way of extracting the filename compared to another, but it is just another arrow in the quiver.