Oct 192007



I continue to add features to my original ISA Control Number Randomizer for the BizTalk HIPAA adapter.  My latest feature allows automatic conversion from Excel spreadsheets to CSV files.  It is a nice little feature if you’re trying to consume .xls files using BizTalk.  Just define your comma delimited schema and consume the file. 

Current features include:

1. Randomize ISA Control Numbers for Files Already in Folder (even with multiple ISA/IEA)

2. Folder Watcher allows you to drop files into your source folder their ISA/IEA control numbers will automatically be randomized

3. Drag-n-Randomize files allows you to drop files into the application and they will be randomized and output in the destination folder you select

4. Excel to CSV converts .XLS to .CSV

Email me if you would like a copy.

Here is a screen shot of the new feature