Oct 152007

A recent project I was developing I was required to pull data from either a file location or a FTP location, and based on the filename it was supposed to do something.

I started testing and I came across an XLANG/s error:

Shape name: Decide Type of Password Reset
ShapeId: 56e918c9-c009-4f4a-a722-a3f6c2f7dd55
Exception thrown from: segment 1, progress 15
Inner exception: There is no value associated with the property ‘FILE.ReceivedFileName’ in the message.

I had forgotten to change my code in the decision shape from testing just the File.ReceivedFileName to something more intelligent.

I started looking at how I could change the code. In this case I was pulling the data from an FTP location, so obviously, the FILE.ReceivedFileName did not exist in the message context. I thought of writing the code in an expression shape to be like this:

if(inputMsg(BTS.InboundTransportType)=="FILE") { filename=inputMsg(FILE.ReceivedFileName); } else { filename=inputMsg(FTP.ReceivedFileName); }

But I was not satisfied (am I ever?), I then looked at the XLANG/s operators and after reviewing the exists operator I came up with some different code:

if(FILE.ReceivedFileName exists inputMsg) { filename=inputMsg(FILE.ReceivedFileName); } else { filename=inputMsg(FTP.ReceivedFileName); }

Now there is no perceived benefit in using one way of extracting the filename compared to another, but it is just another arrow in the quiver.

  • eponymous

    now THAT is freaking awesome!

  • I am not sure about freaking awesome, but definately cool none-the-less.
    the freaking awesome is when the light goes on about what BAM can do, or when BizTalk v.Next is 100% wizard driven and there is no more coding needed!

  • I’ve been using the exists for a while, it should be advertised more. Good on you for posting this! I also use it on error handling orchestrations to check if the property exists before trying to write it’s value to an error email or event log entry.

  • Yes, this is perfect situation on where you would use the exists XLANG/s keyword.

  • DeMi

    This only works on BizTalk 2006. In BizTalk 2004 you will receive at design-time the error ” ‘exists’ keyword can only be used in a receive predicate”

  • David

    Just what I was looking for! Thx a lot for this! 🙂

  • Cool,

    excelent place to use this key word( XLANG/s keyword. )

    Thanks for bringing this up

  • Good stuff. Can be used to avoid those annoying exceptions. Thanks for posting this.


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  • for bringing this up

  • sboman

    Hi Eric! Thanks for the info!! I had the following logic to get the error if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(msg_In(FILE.ReceivedFileName)))