Dec 132007

I’ve created a BizTalk Excel File decoder pipeline.  It accepts Excel 2003-2007 .xls files.  It will parse each worksheet into a child node under the root node you specify.


Here are the Pipeline Component Properties.


Here is an example XLS file.



The resultant XML file creates the Root Node “SHEETS” as specified in the pipeline properties.  The children of “SHEETS” are the worksheet names listed in alphabetical order.  I dropped 1200 Excel spreadsheets into a receive location and BizTalk parsed each perfectly in less than 10 seconds.

<Sheets xmlns=""> <First> <RowData> <Column1>row1column1</Column1> <Column2>row1column2</Column2> </RowData> <RowData> <Column1>row2column1</Column1> <Column2>row2column2</Column2> </RowData> <RowData> <Column1>row3column1</Column1> <Column2>row3column2</Column2> </RowData> </First> <Fourth> <RowData> <Column1>Fourth</Column1> </RowData> <RowData /> </Fourth> <Second> <RowData> <Column1>Second</Column1> </RowData> <RowData /> </Second> <Third> <RowData> <Column1>Third</Column1> </RowData> <RowData /> </Third> </Sheets>

To learn more about obtaining this Pipeline Component, go here.