Apr 242008

I am on a project that requires that I take all EDI maps that were created using BizTalk preR2 and convert them to the new schemas.

I looked here to be disappointed to find that everything except maps were listed.

I started re mapping (dragging lines again) and it took me an entire day to finish a map. (Yes my employer paid me 8 hours to do something I leaned in kindergarten). I have 30 more maps to go!

Instead, order I created an application that will convert them automatically:

Here is what I started off with:


I replaced the schema and was left with this:


This is where Kindergarten came in handy (Thanks Mrs. Carlson!), search I bagged it and created this program that automated the process.

Here is the result of the conversion:



Contact me if you would like to save yourself 5 to 8 hours per map (pricing is documented here)!