May 062008

I’ve created a decode BizTalk Pipeline Component that can replace any character or any string in an inbound file.

Here are some uses for it:

Replace a Trading Partner ID before BizTalk receives the file in the Message Box.

Replace HEX Characters in a flat file.

Insert carriage returns in an EDI file as the Segment Terminator.


In Pipeline Properties choose the characters you’d like to replace in the form of <character to replace>,<replacement character>.  You can replace as many character pairs as you’d like.

In this example I’m replacing » with N and a with w.


Here’s a sample input file:


Here’s the output:


Email me if you would like a copy after referring to this page.

  • Mikael Sand

    Nice. Can it replace carrage returns with line feeds and vice versa? Or other special characters for that matter?

  • Jason Stott

    Yes, it will replace any character including HEX

  • Jason Stott

    Yes, it handles everything, including commas as long as you use their equivalent HEX value.

  • Amida

    It replaces strings sright? Is a trial version available?

  • No, notice the price, if it does not work, you are out an 30 minutes pay.

  • Harish

    Can this replace any special character as well (for eg. cedilla) from the incoming message ?
    I would like to know some more details on the same. Waiting for your favourable reply.

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