Jul 232008

I was given the task of connecting BizTalk to an Informix database. When the project was first kicked off, the client started exploring their options, one of the companies that they looked at was Attunity.

I told them that the Linked Server option was a much better approach, while offering significant cost savings!

So I started my research on how to get connected, and I came across a few pages of interest:

The first is IBM documentation page about how to set up the actual connection within Enterprise Manager.

When I first started connecting, I was getting this error:

The OLE DB provider Ifxoledbc for linked server INFORMIX_TEST reported an error. Authentication failed. Cannot initialize the data source object of OLE DB provider Ifxoledbc for linked server INFORMIX_TEST. OLE DB provider Ifxoledbc for linked server INFORMIX_TEST returned message EIX000: (-951) Incorrect password or user Administrator@::ffff         is not known on the database server.. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 7399)

After doing some more research I found additional articles that were of interest:

One that I thought might be a problem was the permissions for the temp folder as documented on KB814398 to deal with Error: 7399. I set the permissions as documented with the same results.

Another IBM’s documentation page about how to set up the linked server and the fact that you need to install the coledbp.sql on the Informix database so that the OLE DB can actually connect.

Here is what I had setup (of course the actual connectivity is different)


I had read an article about mapping between the local instance of SQL Server and the security account on a remote server, but did not try it.

I finally clicked on the security button and filled in the username and password


It worked!

You also have to go into the Provider list and in the properties of the Ifxoledbc click on the Allow inprocess


What I don’t quite understand is the relationship between the Provider string and the security context they are the same, but when would they be different?

  • benlahmadi

    hi, i ask if there is any solution to connect with biztalk adapter to informix database on unix server?
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