Aug 262008

Sean Nolan – Chief Architect, Microsoft

Health Vault is like PayPal, they go to sites that use Health Vault to communicate data.

Why should you integrate with HealthVault:

Private and Secure Storage

Consistently log in using secure login

Application Interoperability – the ability to collect various data into one central repository

Device Connectivity – The ability for new devices to communicate directly to the health vault

Application and Device Discovery

Privacy and Security Focused – the customer is in control, the customer is in control of their own privacy

Industry Standards, it is an open platform, free and published SDK and APIs,  (found on the HealthVault site) Community Promise, Easily Extensible Data Model, Strong Developer Community: MSDN Documentation


Native: HealthVault is an online database

Copy: HealthVault is a synchronization resource to (imporpe cloyt/export/merge)

Per-type globalized transformation

  • html
  • tabular view
  • Standards and Device Exchange
  • Custom (custom xsl) on the Healthvault server ‘dime’

Custodianship – allows to permissions to be granted to people (children for example) that can be granted on a ‘sliding’ scale, eventually, you can give it up when they move away.

Online and Offline processing mode, grants access instantly, and only for that session, or a longer term if necessary

Aug 262008

Herb Larsen Sr. Vice President of Alliances, Edifects Inc.

Not a lot of payors or providers have found that that ROI has been reached by implementing HIPAA.

A lot of the reasons is because the tasks of moving the edits from the back end system to the front end (BizTalk) is difficult.

Ramp Manager product – allows to test without being on the test without having to be on the phone with the other party and asking them to ‘submit’ the file and read back the errors.

Edifects XEngine – built on BizTalk Server 2006 R2

Because MS is not considered a covered entity, MS has not supplied a lot of HIPAA security standard documentation.

Aug 262008

The next conference will be on April 4th 2009 in Chicago.

Steve Aylward – General Manager Health and Life Sciences Microsoft

Watched the future of Microsoft in healthcare video.

Microsoft is making a huge investment in healthcare.

It took 4 releases (10 years) to outsell MSDOS

It took 9 releases (11 years) to become most popular word processor

It took 5 releases (10 years) to become the leading spreadsheet

$8 billion in R&D, see a large (no numbers as far as percentage directed directly at Healthcare, pill but a large portion)

In 2000, MS had 63 employees dedicated to Healthcare.

Amalga – Health Information System – not available in the US. Designed for the emerging markets. (used to be called Global Care)

Amalga – Unified Intelligence System – not limited to caregivers, but can be customized to end users

HealthVault – Internet health platform that enables third parties to create applications to stored personalized health care information

Aug 262008

I wrote my first two way adapter the other day. I have created it to communicate with Zirmed to send insurance verification request/responses via a HTTP Post.

My question, however, is how often are people using this method of transport, and would anyone else be interested in using this?

The REAL dilemma however is that there are specific items that are necessary to communicate with Zirmed, but any other post is going to look drastically different. How best to approach an enterprise solution though, do you walk thru a wizard, possibly pointing to the web page post page to ‘interrogate’  what needs to be passed?

Let me know if there is anyone out there interested…