Aug 262008

I wrote my first two way adapter the other day. I have created it to communicate with Zirmed to send insurance verification request/responses via a HTTP Post.

My question, however, is how often are people using this method of transport, and would anyone else be interested in using this?

The REAL dilemma however is that there are specific items that are necessary to communicate with Zirmed, but any other post is going to look drastically different. How best to approach an enterprise solution though, do you walk thru a wizard, possibly pointing to the web page post page to ‘interrogate’  what needs to be passed?

Let me know if there is anyone out there interested…

  • Mark Brimble

    I am interested. Is this a custom adapter ? I had to use the standard Soliicit- Response HTTP adapter recently because we were receiving a response to our HTTP Post that could be XML(not always the same namespace) or a string.

  • Yes this is a custom adapter, it required a user name password and the data being passed to to the POST, but that is specifically for Zirmed’s process.
    If you need something more/less, I can create one for you…