Sep 242008

To give the ability to customize the subject line in the new email component of the EDI logger, you can use following macros:

Macro Description
%ISA01% ISA01 Value
%ISA02% ISA02 Value
%ISA03% ISA03 Value
%ISA04% ISA04 Value
%ISA05% ISA05 Value
%ISA06% ISA06 Value
%ISA07% ISA07 Value
%ISA08% ISA08 Value
%ISA09% ISA09 Value
%ISA10% ISA10 Value
%ISA11% ISA11 Value
%ISA12% ISA12 Value
%ISA13% ISA13 Value
%ISA14% ISA14 Value
%ISA15% ISA15 Value
%GS01% GS01 Value
%GS02% GS02 Value
%GS03% GS03 Value
%GS04% GS04 Value
%GS05% GS05 Value
%GS06% GS06 Value
%GS07% GS07 Value
%GS08% GS08 Value
Other Values Description
%Adapter Type% Adapter Type of receive transmission
%Received Filename% Received ftp or file name
%AdapterReceive Completed Time% When file was picked up
%Port Name% Port Name of receive location
%Inbound Transport Type% Inbound Transport Type
%Receive Location Name% Receive Location Name
%Message Type% Message Type (http://namspace#rootelement)
%ISA Segment% Entire ISA Segment (beware that private information might be displayed)
%GS Segment% Entire GS segment
%Party Name% Party Name
%Transaction% Transaction
%Transmission ID% ID that represents entire transmission
%Error Flag% ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ – if there were validation errors or not
%Count 1 Query% Entire text contained in the Count 1 pipeline field
%Count 1% Actual value of query 1
%Count 2 Query% Entire text contained in the Count 2 pipeline field
%Count 2% Actual value of query 2
%Count 3 Query% Entire text contained in the Count 3 pipeline field
%Count 3% Actual value of query 3
%Error Description% Entire error description
%FileGUID% Unique ID representing this transaction
%Inbound Transport Location% Pickup Location

Which will create an email that looks like this: