Dec 302008

I have received this error when testing my adapter I am creating:

The Messaging Engine failed to create the transport adapter “SQLBulkXML”.
  OutboundAssemblyPath: “D:\Eric\Warehouse\Adapter\Run-Time\SQLBulkXMLTransmit\bin\Debug\SQLBulkXMLTransmitAdapter.dll”
  OutboundTypeName: “StottIS.BizTalk.Adapters.Runtime.SQLBulkXMLTransmitter.SQLBulkXMLTransmitAdapter”
  Exception Details: “Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx).”


The issue is using the adapter wizard, it had the following code in the SQLBulkXML.transmitter.cs:

public SQLBulkXMLTransmitAdapter() : base( "SQLBulkXML Transmit Adapter", "1.0", "Allows data to be inserted into database using bulk xml import", "SQLBulkXML", new Guid(""), SQLBulkXMLNamespace, typeof(SQLBulkXMLTransmitterEndpoint), 10)

The problem is the new Guid(“”) is not filled in.

Dec 102008

A friend recently asked me about retrieving the policy number and returning it to the orchestration.

Here is the official response:

The Policy() object has properties MajorVersion and MinorVersion. However, rx remedy the Policy object is not exposed by the CallRules shape, so you would have to write some code in order to get it.

Dec 052008

Just found the .Net Services Team blog entry where they explain that they are retiring the stuff.

I personally never quite got BizTalk.NET as it had nothing to do with the BizTalk product. Did anyone else ever get the correlation?

Now the it is called Azure, link and you can see all of the things you can do on the Azure Services Platform Developer Center site.