Apr 152009

I’ve added some functionality to the PGP Pipeline component to enable it to Sign and Encrypt files.


Properties Explained:

ASCIIArmorFlag – Writes out file in ASCII or Binary

Extension – Final File’s extension

Operation – Decrypt, pilule Encrypt, and now Sign and Encrypt

Passphrase – Private Key’s password for decrypting and signing

PrivateKeyFile – Absolute path to private key file

PublicKeyFile – Absolute path to public key file.

TempDirectory – Temporary directory used for file processing.

Email me if you could use this.

  • Marina

    BizTalk PGP Pipeline Component with Encrypt, Decrypt, and Sign and Encrypt functionality. Could you let me know the source code?

  • Ragneau

    Hi Eric,

    I would interested in your PGP pipeline.
    Could you please tell me more about it?


  • Foto


    Thanks for sharing the BizTalk PGP Pipeline component. We are interested in using this. Would you send me a copy of it? Appreciate it.

  • Kannan Appuswamy

    Hi, Do you make this available for others? Can you provide me more details on this component?



    Can you email the source code.


  • vARUN


    I am doing a research as part of my course work on PGP using BizTalk can you send me a copy even a trial version will work for me for about 14 days.

  • nas

    Can you share the code?


  • Pardha

    i’m planing to decrypt a file in ftp location with biztalk. Can you help me in getting this done.

    I have the passwords and PGP keys available.

  • pavan

    Can you send the code for the component??

  • vidyakumar naarumanchi

    Hi, I have a scenario . I received pgp public key file (.asc) from my client and I have to encrypt the messages (flat file) with the public key when sending out. I m using blogical SFTP adapter to write to sftp location.
    Can I use your component for this . If yes can you post or email me the procedure / source ode/dll for me.

    You can email me @ vidyakumar311280@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance.
    Any help is greatly appreciated