May 062009

Here is the functiod description for the Database Lookup functiod:

Use the Database Lookup functoid to extract information from a database and store it as a Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) recordset. This functoid requires the following four input parameters in this order: a lookup value, a database connection string, a table name, and a column name for the lookup value.

Let’s review the arguments again

1. Lookup Value
2. Database Connection String
3. Table Name
4. Column Name

I did not want to create a view, as I don’t have permissions to add objects to that database, but I could not simply get the value from one table, I needed to join two tables together.

The answer was SIMPLE!

Underneath the covers, the statement that is being called is:

using (OleDbCommand command = new OleDbCommand("SELECT * FROM " + table + " WHERE " + column + "= ?", helper.Connection))

WAIT A MINUTE! I am not limited to only a table name in the table variable of the OleDbCommand method, I can put an entire join statement in argument 3 of the Database Lookup functiod.

Here is what I had for the arguments:


The arguments without the single ticks

1. Source Data

2. Connection Information (in this case I just pointed to a udl file): ‘File Name=D:\Eric\Warehouse\Schemas\connection.udl’

3. Table name, which has the join: ‘EdiPartnerContacts INNER JOIN bts_party ON EdiPartnerContacts.PartyId = bts_party.nID’

4. Column that has the input value: ‘nvcName’

So in essence I had created the following query using the DBLookup functiod

SELECT     *
FROM         EdiPartnerContacts INNER JOIN
                      bts_party ON EdiPartnerContacts.PartyId = bts_party.nID

WHERE       nvcName=?

I then pulled the Email column from the data in a Value Extractor that was connected to the Database Lookup functiod


  • Quite inspiring,

    looks easy to implement, this should work fine

    Keep up the good work

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