Jul 012009

We have developed a HIPAA 4010A1 to HIPAA 5010 converter for use in Visual Studio 2008.

After installing the converter, buy cialis the steps to use the converter are as follows:

  1. Place the appropriate 5010 HIPAA schema in the same project as your current 4010 HIPAA schema
    Both schemas in the same project
  2. Compile the schema project
  3. Open up map project that references the HIPAA schema project
  4. Right click on the map that needs to be converted
  5. Choose ‘Convert to 5010’

It is complete.

Things the converter will do:

  • Create a backup of the current map as {map name}_4010.btm and add it to the project
  • Change the type name of the 4010 map to {type_name}.4010

Here are the screen shots of the tool:


Don’t worry, you can only convert maps!


After pressing the Convert to 5010 context menu item the project has the following archived map.

Resulting map that is created

Here is a page from the initial map:

Original 4010 map

Here is the converted map:

Converted 5010 map 

Through the contact page, you can pre order this 5010 converter.

Below is a video of the conversion tool in action, make sure you click the 720p resolution.

  • Mort Strom

    Great tool Eric!

  • Sandeep

    can you contact me at my email id to move ahead for further discussion ASAP.

    sandywb25@gmail.com .
    you can make the subject line as “HIPAA 4010A1 to HIPAA 5010 Converter”

  • Lisa Klein

    Microsoft going to purchase this from you for big bucks hopefully?

    Great job!

  • Very cool. Getting any orders?

  • This is great post for 4010 to 5010 upgrade, nice screenshots. I was searching for HIPAA 5010 upgrade services and came across Edifecs which provides this upgrade service and your blog. Thanks for sharing this info. Regards.

  • Girivasan

    have you used Accelerator for this HIPAA 4010A1 to HIPAA 5010 Converter?

  • Eric

    Woudl like to speak with you in regards to the converter.


  • Michael Mehdizadeh

    what is the cost of this tool?

  • James Becknel

    Cay you let us know the price

  • Nazilur

    Hi Eric –
    We are working for multiple healthcare clients and looking for tools that can reduce out development effort where there is a major effort involved in migrating the current 4010 BizTalk environment to 5010 Environment.
    I have some clarifications on this conversion tool as listed below for evaluation purpose
    1) How does the tool guarantee (%) the correct fields are selected for mapping from the new 5010 Schema
    2) How does this tool address any mapping changes suggested by X12 5010.
    a. The value to be extracted is coming from a different location in X12 5010 compared to current X12 4010
    b. The value is available from two(or more) different location in X12 5010 compared to single location in current X12 4010
    c. The value is available in single location in X12 5010 compared to multiple locations in current x12 4010
    Note: Location could be Loop, Segment, Element, Sub-Element
    3) How does the tool handle the fields having mapping that have been deleted in X12 5010 and that were available in current X12 4010
    4) Do we assume that this tool works both Custom to X12 and X12 to Custom
    5) Any additional fields required by the custom schema for the additional fields coming from the new X12 5010 schemas would have to be manually updated to the custom schema.
    6) We would also like to know the cost of the tool
    7) Is the code available for evaluation

  • Ken

    Do I need BizTalk for this conversion? Where can I get the .msi, schemas, Etc? I’m going to be working on a FOXPro 4010 that needs to be converted to Visual Studio. Any help is appreciated.

  • Sneha

    I have X12_00401_837.xsd with a map to internal schema is deployed in biztalk app.I have multiple trading partners sending
    837 ( I,P,D ) EDI 401 verison documents.
    Institutional EDI documents are passing fine and Professional EDI documents are failing with the following error
    Error: 1 (Field level error)
    SegmentID: SV1
    Position in TS: 35
    Data Element ID: SV102
    Position in Segment: 2
    Data Value: 179.00
    6: Invalid character in data element
    I see only one schema is there for X12_00401_837 and how this issue can be solved.
    Any help or gudence appreciated

  • Eric, This is so great! Where can we get the 4010 to 5010 converter tool and what is its cost?

    Thanks so much!

  • umair

    Then how will we convert ICD-9 to ICD-10?

  • 10 Converter 10 Converter

  • Great tool

  • josh

    I need the 4010 to 5010 conversion tool.