Jul 282009

I am not sure if the war over ‘which product is better’ will ever be over, cialis but the price battle sure has been won:

WebSphere TX


IBM Passport Advantage Express Microsoft BizTalk Server Pricing and Licensing Overview


Microsoft sure has made it easier to understand what you are getting, order having worked for Mercator in my past, I sure am stumped as to what a client would need to buy.

(Thanks Barry for pointing this out)

  • Don’t get me wrong. I posted the price list because someone asked for it, but my opinion is that IBM is the way to go and is my personal preference.

    When you look at these price lists it seems like a cut and dry decision to go with Microsoft (or Oracle for that matter). However, when it comes down to the actual price a large company would pay to get the job done with either product they’re very comparable.

    Recently I heard of a company that went with IBM even though Oracle and Microsoft were cheaper. Surprisingly the final cost to the client (after a lot of negotiation) was only a “little” cheaper… within a hundred thousand for a million dollar deal.

    I think going with Microsoft makes a lot more sense for small to mid-size companies, but when it comes to larger companies (in my opinion) it makes a lot more sense to go with IBM.

  • I’m learning some other IBM products and it’s a bit more complicated. WTX is their best mapping tool and very expensive. However, they have WebSphere Partner Gateway (WPG) which is only a couple thousand bucks and runs on Linux. It has a built in mapping tool for basic transformation of flat files, X12, and XML, but can also call WTX map using an API.

    Here’s that pricing:

  • to larger companie