What happened when the BRE fired in BizTalk?

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Apr 182012

I am writing this as a personal reminder on how to watch a BRE rule fire in BizTalk.

In the management console, price go to the application you are working in and right click the policies and in the window click refresh.

Right click and and add and choose the policies you want to track.

Here are the various policies that I have been debugging:


(Yes, look I know, I can set the endpoint configuration correctly on the first try (see my hints page), but I can’t determine the map to call to save my life!)

Restart the Host Instances

Run the process though and look at the Tracked Service Instances,  right click on the Message Flow


Click on the Follow this link to view the Policy execution details for this Orchestration Instance.



Using Visual Studio to debug XSL

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Apr 182012

So I was attempting to debug an XSL stylesheet and every time I attempted to debug it, pharm I would continually get the following error:

Visual Studio encountered an error and will restart.

I looked high and low, to no avail.

The solution(s) are (one or the other)

  • Disable Visual Studio 2010 Power Tools
  • Move the xsl into a c# project instead of a BizTalk project