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Jul 032012

So I finally sat down and decided to figure out what all of the numbers are for the DelimiterSetSerializedData attribute in the X12InterchangeXml rood node.

<ins0:X12InterchangeXml DelimiterSetSerializedData="126:13:10:42:58:-1:-1:-1:-1" xmlns:ins0="">

Ascii Table

So the values are for the

  • segment delimiter:126+13+10=~<CR><LF>
  • element delimiter:42=*
  • sub-element delimiter:58=:

If there aren’t any values, you simply need to put –1 in the stream, example

<ins0:X12InterchangeXml DelimiterSetSerializedData="126:-1:-1:42:58:-1:-1:-1:-1" xmlns:ins0="">