Mar 062013

So I feel I am gifted!

Truly GIFTED (oh and humble to boot)

I am gifted at discovering ways to break BizTalk.

Last night I had to re-design a process that is run in an itinerary. Now I have gotten into the mindset that executing the transform for all of the endpoints before consuming into BizTalk is far more efficient than executing 6 maps along the path through the business process. This means that I end up with a ‘collection’ of messages that I slice off the particular message I need and send it out.

My design pattern is that I have a generic xml document that runs through the ESB and then I extract the message I need, stomach assign it to another xml document, viagra and send it on its way.

The code that I am using in the message assignment is something like this:

RequestMsg = xpath(OriginalCanonicalMsg, no rx ”/Request/Part/SingleReqest”);

The problem is that when I change the message I am sending out from XmlDocument to a multipart message instead, the message assignment shape does not turn red.

I deploy it and it runs and shows up in the ESB Portal stating the error that it must have an implementation of Add(System.Object) at all levels of their inheritance hierarchy for RequestMsg.

It was just working!?

The code that I needed to change was:

RequestMsg.MessagePart = xpath(OriginalCanonicalMsg,”/Request/Part/SingleReqest”);

Viola, works now…

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