Disable Auto Scrolling

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Jan 232015

One of the biggest beef’s I have with the BizTalk mapper (other than functiods in general) is the ‘feature’ where, for sale when you click on a source node, it will ‘highlight all of the links and center the destination to show you the links.

For small maps, this is ‘hardly’ noticeable.

However, for maps that are large, and the same input node is used in multiple destination nodes, it becomes hair pulling-ly frustrating.

To disable this, in Visual Studio go to Tools –> Options –> BizTalk Mapper and uncheck the two default checks.

You then need to restart Visual Studio (perhaps just close the currently opened Maps) for this to finally not scroll.


Mapper Hack: ‘ns0 is an undeclared prefix’

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Jan 232015

I am sure I am the last to figure this out, so pardon me for my late entry to the game of XSL goodness.

A few years ago, I discovered the power of XSL, and now I never use any of the out of the box functiods, in fact, I am hard pressed to try to remember the last time I even used inline C# in my maps.

So here is how I have ALWAYS coded inline XSLT:

I need to create an output node


So, what I have always done is created the XSL like this:

<xsl:value-of select="count(/s1:Batch/s0:Form)" />

Which should work. However, when I either Validate the map or compile it, I get the following error:

MakeMessages.btm: error btm1023: Exception Caught: ‘ns2’ is an undeclared prefix. Line 1, position 2

So then I open up the map and go find the ns2 definition up at the top of the generated xsl


Copy the namespace down into the script like this:

<ns2:P_BATCH_ITEM_CNT xmlns:ns2="http://Microsoft.LobServices.OracleDB/2007/03/BIZTALK/Procedure">
<xsl:value-of select="count(/s1:Batch/s0:Form)" />

However, there is an ‘easier’ way to do this:

Use the xsl:element command, this way you don’t have to ‘care’ about declaring the namespace in all of your custom XSL scripts

<xsl:element name="ns2:P_BATCH_ITEM_CNT">
<xsl:value-of select="count(/s1:Batch/s0:Form)" />