Building a Composite Oracle Schema

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Jan 282015

I am going to write a ‘visual’ example of the article documented here: Performing Composite Operations on Oracle Database by Using BizTalk Server

I have a schema already created from Oracle that defines all of the stored procedures we are planning on calling from within BizTalk

The issue is that I need to send multiple of the same calls to the stored procedure and multiple stored procedure calls.

Now we are going to create the composite Schema Definition.

Let’s import the original schema, and for whatever reason, I needed to add the ns0 to the prefix.


So let’s change the root node name to Request (like it asks us to in the instruction)

And start adding the things we want to the Request node (making them repeatable), however, unlike the instructions, I am not naming it, because once I choose the correct node, it is going to rename it anyway:

Make it min 0 and max * and we are done with the first one.

And do it for the rest of the stored proc calls.

Let’s create the Response and do the same thing, except choosing all of the Response nodes. Here is the final schema


Now you can start mapping…